Top 10 Things We Love About South Carolina


Temperate Climate supports comfortable living and a culture that focuses on outdoor activities.  The four season climate delivers beautiful fall colors and spring flowers.


Affordable Housing, with prices below the national average


Affordable Cost of Living, below the United States average, based on housing costs, tax rates, insurance costs and energy costs.


Vibrant Economy, which has recently attracted advanced manufacturing companies such a Boeing and BMW.


Regional Beauty within the state, including the Coastal Plain with its famous beaches, the Piedmont area, and the Highlands area featuring the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Natural and Cultural Heritage, with tourism destinations like stunning state parks or the historic architecture of Charleston.


University of South Carolina and Winthrop in Lancaster and Rock Hill, both of which offer free enrollment for seniors


High Quality Health Care, including access to leading medical services and the expertise of health professionals studying at the University of South Carolina.


Tax Benefits, including no state income tax on social security income, $50,000 homestead property tax credit available to those 65+, and a fuel tax rate 20 cents below that of neighboring states.


Southern Hospitality is incomparable, and the people exude a high level of politeness, respect and courtesy.