Tribute Connect

Expand your lifestyle network. Connect with the Tribute community.

Tribute Connect is a private social community made up of Tribute homeowners who share your desire to connect with new friends. Whether it’s discussing fulfilling hobbies or connecting over part-time vocations, members of our communities are meeting people online and mingling with new groups of like-minded friends.

Tribute Connect members have already created a number of shared interest groups, ranging from the Lady Egrets Golf Club to neighborhood gardening groups and exercise clubs. When you become a Tribute homeowner, there’s no limit to the connections that you can make with new friends—either in the neighborhood or across the city in another Tribute community.



Meet other members of the Tribute Homes community while you learn new skills or start a new hobby. From cooking classes to themed day camps and creative art classes, you can connect, create and discover together.



Golf clubs, tennis clubs and swimming clubs are just a few of the sporty communities you can join within Tribute Connect. Get active in your Tribute Homes neighborhood by connecting with sports-minded friends.



If festivals, day trips and game nights sound like something you’d enjoy, you can find them on Tribute Connect. Get-together for some fun with a few new friends.



Focus on your inner spirit while connecting with others. Tribute Connect offers a number of educational instruction groups you can enjoy with community members, including, yoga strengthening, ZUMBA, and aquatic exercise.



If you have a special interest, chances are there’s a Tribute Connect club for it. From the Edgewater Egrets Ladies Golf Club to our Petals Garden Club and Tribute Tennis Club, you can find like minded community members for nearly any interest.



If you live to serve, you’ll find groups to rally behind within Tribute Connect. Rally For The Cure, Walk To End Alzheimer’s and Spring/Fall Pantry Collections are just a few groups already serving our communities.